SmartShare: Spend the same, enjoy much more !! 

Sharing a boat is not for everybody. But if you are into sharing we can help you find the best boat and save you a lot of time and money in the process.  

Our program is focused on the equilibrium between cost and the time you really enjoy the boat. It works great for our clients because we deliver:

  • Only leading USA yacht brands 
  • Limited shares per boat = more time for you
  • Factory visit, training, and sea trial
  • FREE Preventive Service Maintenance for 18/24 months for new boats, including: Travel, lubes, filters, US certified technicians...


Sea Ray 350 Sundancer, 2015  - $ 202.500 1/2 share.

Location TBD. Price delivered in Costa Rica, including freight, insurance. TVD 370 TDI 4.2L (T-354 PHP) DSL full optionals package. 1 share sold. Meeting with actual owner can be arranged at your convenience. We usually go to dinner. Panama flag. More details.

Contact: Joe, 8816-7156