The best brands + great attitude  ;-)

We are far more than simply a company only interested in selling yachts; we are a full service dealership with long experience of delivering new boats & yachts to customers across United States, Panama & Costa Rica. We understand your needs, and also understand that satisfied customers are the future of our business so we carry only brands with a proven successful record of customer satisfaction along the years -no bankruptcy story, no scams- and we combined that with the most complete service a professional dealer can offer.

Our promise:

  • Unbiased industry insight 
  • Best boat brands
  • Absolute best pricing, worldwide Guaranteed !
  • FREE preventive service maintenance for up to 24 months "All inclusive" 


Pre-delivery Service 

Once we've found the right model and the sale contract is signed, our pre-delivery process commences to ensure that the client receives the sparkling new boat he has ordered. This may include a factory visit, meeting with Sea Ray seasoned captains,  and sea trial in a fast trip to USA. 


The list of things to be checked and carefully scrutinized on the owner’s behalf is long and we have designed and mastered our own process, from end to end including:

  • Legal and foreign registration
  • Factory visit & sea trial of your boat
  • Sea Ray captain inspection, sea trial, marina and US water delivery (Used)
  • Logistics and local permits
  • Pre-delivery service inspection and walkthrough with client and captain.
  • Operation Instruction. 

Jose M. Torra has delivered more new boats to CR than any other dealer.

Contact JM  + 506.8816-7156